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About Us

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Pilatibodi focuses on creating balance by heightening concentration and intensifying control within movements. Our contemporary programs are based with a heavy foundation in Pilates fundamental technique catering to both fitness enthusiasts and first time clients.


Our goal is to inform and help bring a deeper awareness and connection to your own body allowing you to take what you learn in session and carry that vibrancy, vitality, and confidence throughout the world with you.

Meet Our Instructors

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Amanda Hartman

Chief Instructor

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Laura Anders

Chief Instructor

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Why Pilates Is a Good Workout for Men

Pilates exercises are known to develop flexibility, strength, balance, proficient movement, and uniform development. These key aspects of Pilates make it a very appropriate workout for men. Pilates for men gives the same benefits that of weightlifting. It gives the same muscular development. Pilates also provides a part-by-part or an integral approach in its routines

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