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Amanda Hartman

Chief Instructor

I am an advocate of optimizing longevity of the body and that is the base of my work.
Through the Pilates apparatus and different movement techniques I teach you how to USE YOUR BODY efficiently so that you can do the activities you love for the rest of your life.
Every session is one-on-one and geared towards your personal strengths; together, we identify weaknesses/injury and build upon them to bulletproof your body. Through each guided 55-minute session with me you will learn breath work matches that focus on strengthening your body while improving mobility and postural alignment.
I am a student always and build upon my movement repertoire by staying up-to-date with anatomy and Pilates-based continuing education as well as a daily physical practice.

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Why Pilates Is a Good Workout for Men

Pilates exercises are known to develop flexibility, strength, balance, proficient movement, and uniform development. These key aspects of Pilates make it a very appropriate workout for men. Pilates for men gives the same benefits that of weightlifting. It gives the same muscular development. Pilates also provides a part-by-part or an integral approach in its routines

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