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Laura Anders

Chief Instructor

Coming from a background in marketing, advertising, and law school, I spent years as a student of pilates to strengthen my body while letting my mind escape work. I loved that pilates insisted I connect to my body and left no room to stress about life, while also giving me the strength to enjoy it. Eventually, I realized my path was guiding me into being an instructor to share movement with others as a powerful tool to feel stronger, be more grounded and provide much needed self-care.

Through a mixture of classical and contemporary pilates, I focus on correcting imbalances created through your daily patterns while building strength. My goal is for every client to feel stronger and more empowered moving through life, whether that means active walks with your dog, long hours in the office, playing on the floor or chasing little ones,or improving other workouts.
Through extensive training and continuing education, including studying anatomy and injuries with doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital, I create customized workouts for your body’s long term goals while also focusing on how you are feeling that day. I always remind my clients, we feel different every day. Meet your body where it is and let’s build.
WHAT YOU WILL GET WITH ME: focused work, corrective exercises, pushed to new limits, increased understanding of your own body.

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Why Pilates Is a Good Workout for Men

Pilates exercises are known to develop flexibility, strength, balance, proficient movement, and uniform development. These key aspects of Pilates make it a very appropriate workout for men. Pilates for men gives the same benefits that of weightlifting. It gives the same muscular development. Pilates also provides a part-by-part or an integral approach in its routines

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